Dani Lechuga, caldeni, bardeni, espaideni

Bardeni - Caldeni, Dani Lechuga

Informal space, NOT a restaurant, is a meat bar "el meatbar". Dishes thought to share. NO RESERVATION

Closed for holidays from 19 August to 11 September (both included)


Espaideni - Caldeni, Dani Lechuga

It is the most personal space of Dani Lechuga, "the backstage".

Temporarily closed

Young chef 2010

Awarded by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy.

Chef of the year 2011 in Girona

Awarded by El Periódico during the Fòrum Gastronòmic

“La cocina de la carne”

Book written by Dani Lechuga, edited by RBA.

Dedicated to the world of meat

They say they have the best meat dish in the city #Barcelona #SagradaFamilia